Thought-provoking and inspirational videos and images of artisanry in action.


Three generations of the Hart family continue to produce bespoke handmade silver in the Arts and Crafts tradition to this day, in the same workshop in Chipping Campden.

Watch this inspiring video to see traditional artisanry taking place today. Lets hope there will be enough commissions and interest in the quality and pleasure of the handmade to keep the HART Gold & Silversmiths (Guild of Handicraft) productive for many generations to come – and many more like them here in Canada!

Trained in Japan for 1 year, with an acknowledged master papermaker Intangible Heritage of Unesco, he set up a Japanese paper factory (Washi) in the south of France. He has practiced in the profession for 21 years. He is passionate about it to say the least.

The manufacture of the paper sheets is in harmony with nature, it is created by combining only two plants with water. Its transparency, épaire and strength is what makes it special. “I practice the Japanese technique Nagashizuki, “the art of running the paste on the screen” and the European technique (tamezuki). This manufacturing method combines tradition / technology / and harmony with nature.Have fun!

The Patek Philippe Grand Master Chime ref. 5175R – perpetuating the tradition of Genevan watchmaking.

To pay tribute to its 175th anniversary, Patek Philippe created a collection of limited-edition commemorative timepieces, and one of them stands out in particular. It is the most complicated and elaborate wristwatch of the eminent family-owned watchmaking company to date. It is called the Grandmaster Chime. The 18K rose gold case is massive (47.4mm across and 16.1mm thick,) and it is hand-engraved on nearly every surface. It is their first double-face wristwatch and it blends classic chiming complications like the grande and petite sonnerie with brand new ones like the date repeater, while also building in a state-of-the-art perpetual calendar.

Hermes has published a documentary on Hermes craftsmanship and the people who make it possible. It is a wonderful testament to artisanry and why it is so important, not only for the creation of high quality products, but also for the people, families and communities.

If you click on the image below to watch the whole video (and I highly recommend it), you can be pretty sure that it will be the only thing you’ll ever get from Hermes, for free, so enjoy! It’s beautifully done and a pleasure to watch. The video lets you go behind the curtain and see what happens in Hermes workshops and meet the talented, devoted artisans who make some of the world’s finest goods.

Click on the image below to visit their site and watch the full video.

Hermes “Hearts and Crafts” Film illustrating their craftsmanship

This is clipped from a really nice website called SHIGO – A Mindful Life
In 2012 Gucci Japan launched an online series called “HAND” that showcased the works of artists, designers, and craftsmen who utilize traditional techniques. Featuring a range of handicrafts such as silk weaving (nishiki), calligraphy, woodblock printing (uyiko-e), and gold leaf, the series offers an impressive display of the skill and tools behind Japanese craft.

Handcrafted goods are not just artistic endeavor, but the carefully blended craft of art, technology, and science. Gucci has done well, although this is no surprise. Gucci has a heritage of working with local artisans and bringing innovation to traditional technologies. Since it’s founding in Florence in 1921, Gucci has protected its quality craft and hand-making techniques passed down from generations. Business strategy aside, content like this makes a brand valuable in more than name but way of life.

View the entire Gucci Japan HAND series on Youtube.  Check out the Gucci Japan HAND blog:

One of the most impressive (and widely viewed) works is that of Japanese parquetry (yosegi-zaiku) demonstrated by woodworker Noburu Honma. Popularized during the Edo period, Japanese parquetry is a surface decorative technique where mosaics of wood are cut into razor-thin veneer slices and applied to boxes and other handiworks. I have added a few more of the Hand Series videos at the end of this page, or you can watch them all on YouTube.


Robertson owns Ornamental Ironworks where he makes handmade iron gates, railings and fences. But he does much more then that, he also designs and makes beautiful one-of-a-kind and custom artistic pieces. He believes in creating pieces that are both practical and beautiful, and he accomplishes this by uniting his years of experience with his innate artistic talent…...Read more.

Anthony Delos

Watch a master at work in this video of Anthony Delos making a riding boot by hand. It’s incredible how much work goes into this boot, and it’s a joy to watch the skilled hands at work.


Anthony Delos – Master Bootmaker

Japan: Fascinating Diversity

Takumi: Japan’s Artisan Tradition.

This is one of a series of five videos about Japan’s culture and heritage. There are some beautiful shots of kimonos and how they are made as well as ceramics.

Japan: Fascinating Diversity (Takumi: Japan’s Artisan Tradition)