Upcoming Articles: Artisans and Their Patrons

Thanks for visiting Artisan Ontario. We will be giving advice on how to be a financially sustainable artisan and an informed patron.

In upcoming articles, we will help artisans and patrons understand how to connect and what to expect from each other. The traditional artisan / patron relationship is little understood these days. It has been continually dismantled since the beginning of the industrial revolution but that relationship is the secret to quality handmade and made to measure items.

For the artisan, some of the early articles will address the apparently mundane but important topics of: the business plan, marketing, sales channels, warranties and guarantees, fulfilment issues, best practices, safety issues and the artisan’s least understood topic, pricing.

For the patron, the purchaser of the artisan’s prodShoe_Repairuct, the articles will help them make better choices. The patron is interested in knowing, or knowing about, the artisan who made the item they are interested in purchasing. They want to create a personal relationship with the artisan – and that is a very good thing for the artisan too.

To that end the patron can peruse the Directory of Artisans and speak directly with the artisan. As well artisans should be contacting other artisans to help each other and provide even better quality items for their patrons.

We look forward to your comments on this or other articles, just email them to Dan@ArtisanOntario.ca.