Teresa Seaton Stained Glass

Teresa Seaton creates highly original, dynamic landscape and floral designs in Stained Glass for galleries and private commissions. Her uniquely sculptural work is a trademark, featuring multi layers of panels and glass with spun wire incorporated as a structural element and design accent.

Teresa Seaton opened her studio-gallery just across from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington in 2013. She has been a fulltime professional stained-glass artist since 2010 and her artistic vision combined with her entrepreneurial drive is a force to be reckoned with. Teresa is the voice behind Art in Action, a local artists’ group busy preparing for its 12th annual Burlington studio tour in November. The free tour features nine studio locations and 34 artists. Check out www.artinaction.ca for details.

Although she is very involved and dedicated to promoting craft being an artist and gallery owner is where her heart lies, which is evident in the vibrant beauty of her work.

Teresa, demonstrating her technique as she completes a stained glass panel.

She is inspired by Tiffany’s innovative technique for layering multiple panels into finished glass windows as well as the dynamic simplicity of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Glass style. The resulting panels display an elegant simplicity filled with rhythmic patterns and flowing organic lines.

Her interpretation of the Canadian landscape uses layered glass panel construction to evoke the stylized outlined imagery often found in the Group of Seven. Her use of a refined colour pallet creates a mood and atmosphere that is distinctive to her work and reflective of her artistic message, making her one of Canada’s most sought after Stained Glass artist.


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