Susan Rankin

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Through the past 25 years as a glass artist Susan Rankin has explored the idea of garden in her work. As an avid gardener she has a passionate interest in flowers. In the summer she will spend each morning wandering amongst the new blooms to cut a flower from the chaos of the garden display for the bouquet in the house. During the winter months she focuses on her imaginary garden, expressing the joy of flowers in blown glass objects.

“Beginning with the my original ‘Flower Vase’ series through the ‘Flowering Vine Vessel’ series and again in the body of work titled ‘Epergne’, I sought to examine how glass has been used historically and how it could be brought forward in a contemporary way to continue to adorn the home.”

The Epergne series is influenced by the way flowers were used to decorate table centers in the nineteenth century. Elaborate Epergnes and flower stands were sought after as a status symbol in the 1800’s.

In her Wired Forms series Susan takes inspiration from nature, architecture and history, forming a unique landscape environment “the wired landscape”.

The Garden Columns are made for the garden and can be installed singularly or in groups. These piece will bring light, colour and form to the garden through all four seasons.

You can see more of Susan Rankin’s work and learn more about how she makes her pieces on her website.