Stephen Haigh


Stephen Haigh has pushed the boundaries of the ancient art form of Marquetry, complimenting it with his own contemporary flare. Stephen studied painting at the Ontario College of Art. A love of wood inspired his artistic growth in the form of Marquetry. Textures, tones and colours of veneers provide his palette to create intriguing images. A master in the field of Marquetry, his work is treasured both locally and internationally.


Marquetry is the ancient craft of applying pieces of wood veneer to form decorative patterns and designs. It is most often used to decorate furniture or create pictorial panels and objects. Marquetry is different from inlay in which a shape is cut out of one object and another material is cut to fit the part that was cut out, to form the surface pattern. Marquetry was developed in Antwerp and other Flemish centers of luxury cabinet-making during the early 16th century.

Planting Four Season Boardroom Table Leaves Lamp

Stephen’s work will enchant the lover of wood. You can see more of his work and purchase pieces on his website.