Stephen Clark

Perth, Ontario jewellery and lapidary artist, Stephen Clark has been making gold and silver jewellery for 30 years. He creates beautiful, unique pieces of jewellery using precious stones and exotic hardwoods. Much of his work is custom designed for his clients.

You’re looking for something different, something strikingly beautiful, something that will enhance your image. I use a wide variety of stone combined with gold and silver to produce jewellery like you’ve never seen before. I can make your idea a reality, rework your old jewellery into something new, or design something specially for you. The key to my success is to take the time to do it right.

– Stephen Clark



Stephen is a wonderful artist who also creates some very unusual sculptural pieces.

There are many more photos of Stephen Clark’s¬†work to be found on his website¬†as well as contact information if you would like to know more or order a custom piece.

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