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Artisan Painted Canoe Paddles
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NORQUAY Co. is a brand dedicated to the Art of Camping. Founded by a camping enthusiast obsessed with the great outdoors and equally for great design. Our paddles are handcrafted in small batches and individually hand-painted. We strive to ensure a regular schedule of new Norquay paddles, so if your favourite is sold out, it will only be a matter of a short time before it is available again — sign up with us if you would like to be notified when the next batch is available.

NORQUAY Co. was launched in 2013 by Natasha Wittke; artist, adventurist and avid canoeist obsessed with the great outdoors and equally for great design. We are committed to creating quality handmade products, made right here in our homeland of Canada. Our Artisan Painted Canoe Paddles are made from solid cherry wood in New Liskeard, Northern Ontario. Each paddle is selected for its unique attributes and then hand finished in our Montreal-based studio. It is our Northern heritage and extensive backcountry canoeing adventures that have influenced the designs behind each of our paddle series.

Norquay Artisan Painted Canoe Paddles are varnish finished for greater durability and protection against the elements. While it is not recommended for the rigors of extended wilderness trips, they are great for cruising around the lake on day trips or gracing your cabin’s wall.

We are currently in Quebec but come this November 2014 we will be relocating to Ontario

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