CraftSource 2015
40th Annual Show Directory & Craft Resource Guide

The Ontario Craft Council produces this guide every year. It includes a comprehensive directory of annual craft shows in Ontario including, dates, up-to-date contact information, application details and jurying information.


Design Brief Template

The Design Brief Template is intended for fairly large commissions however the principles outlined in the design brief can be applied to all projects, large or small. Below is a link to the Design Brief Template and post. You will find a link to download the Design Brief Template midway down the post.


Business Plans

Below are two good templates for writing your business plan. There are many available on the Internet but these two are quite good. You should review them both to see which one suits your needs better.


Concept Development

Here is a good outline of what a business plan should include.


Financial Spreadsheets

Here is a spreadsheet that contains pre-formatted worksheets for your Personal Statement, Projections, Cost-of-Goods-Sold, Expenses, Financial Forecast.

This is the same set of worksheets with formulas built in that will automatically calculate the numbers and carry them forward to the next worksheet. There is already sample data in the fields which you can change, of course, to reflect your own financials.