Reed Hansuld Custom Furniture

Reed Hansuld is a Canadian custom furniture maker based out of Brooklyn, New York. He is an Ontarian, from Mississauga and lived in Toronto for a number of years before relocating to Brooklyn, NY in 2013. His work focuses on finding a balance between modern style, high quality craft and functionality.



He has been navigating the world as a designer/maker largely influenced by his beliefs in sustainability, his directive to create long lasting products in today’s disposable society gives him the satisfaction that he is giving the material the best life it can have beyond the tree.

Using both traditional and modern techniques each piece of Reed’s furniture is meticulously hand-crafted with a particular focus on detail. He provides options to those people who want functional modern furniture that differs from mass produced furniture both in terms of style and quality. He gives people the opportunity to collaborate with him to create pieces that are special, to suit a certain space and aesthetic.

He is well known and you will find articles written about his work in Canadian Woodworking & Home ImprovementAzure, Globe & Mail, Now, Design Milk, DesignLines, Fine Woodworking, Applied Arts, StyleNorth,

He loves bent wood and you will see it in much of his design. It’s amazing what you can do with a little steam!

Find out more about Reed Hansuld by visiting his website or his facebook page where you can shop online and learn where you can find his work.

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