Ray Prince Wooden Boxes

Ray Prince began woodworking many years ago restoring his 1908 built house and later restoring a number of pieces of antique Canadian furniture. He then designed and built new furniture in period style to compliment his house and other antiques. By then he was smitten with wood and its infinite variance of color, texture, grain, figure and the patina that is the blessing of time. He is an autodidact (self- taught) woodworker who enjoys using hand tools where possible.

He later began woodturning and creating handmade boxes. Things really got going for Ray when he was able to purchase the bole of a huge black walnut tree in southern Ontario and have it milled by a local sawyer. With his wife pitching in he even dug out the root stump and they used an old, two-man saw to cut it into usable pieces. Walnut became one of his favourite woods but he uses many other species as well. You will appreciate his craftsmanship and attention to detail. The trays in his boxes fit together beautifully and are lined with suede. Ray uses only the best quality cast brass hardware and often includes a hidden drawer.

Ray’s objective has always been to attain simplicity of line with balanced form, high structural integrity and topped with a quality finish. His work is sold on commission or through selected galleries.

Find out more about Ray Prince by visiting his website where you can shop online and learn where you can find his work.

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