Peter Forbes

Peter Forbes is a talented Vancouver BC area artist who carves custom wooden barrels and signs. He is continuously experimenting with new techniques and media. In the early eighties he traveled the high seas for more inspiration and it was while sailing that he first picked up carving tools and experimented in wood and other three-dimensional works. Upon his return Peter gravitated to the specialty signage industry where for the next fifteen years he produced a legacy of work that fills the storefronts and lobbies of many local businesses.


By blending his creative side with the commercial aspects of his signage background Peter has now been inspired to establish himself with a unique style of artwork on recycled oak barrels. The designs range from simple to very complex. These wonderful pieces have now become everything from family heirlooms, to signage.


Oak barrels evoke images of tradition and quality and lend a touch of class to any cellar. Today barrels are made almost exclusively for the production of fine wines and spirits and used to ferment, age and give wine an oak flavor. Simple and beautiful “custom” designs are not only pleasing to the eye but often follow the wonderful patterns created by nature. The curve of the earth, the roll of a wave or the arc of a branch all create fluid lines that relax the senses.

The art of barrel carving has a long history and tradition and just as the wood of the barrel enhances the flavour of the wine so will the artistic creations enhance the story and product created within. And just as the winery relies on patience and skill to create beautiful wine the artist relies on those same traits to create wonderful barrel carvings.


Imagination is limitless in this art form where a logo can come to life. Scenic views become three dimensional. A wine cellar can come to life with a personalized barrel carving.  You can learn more about Peter’s custom carving and signage on his website. You may enjoy Peter’s Anatomy of a Barrel describing the mastery of barrel making and carving.