Patek Philippe – The last family-owned independent watch manufacturer in Geneva

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Patek Philippe has been perpetuating the tradition of Genevan watchmaking without interruption since May 1, 1839. As the last family-owned independent watch manufacturer in Geneva, it enjoys total creative freedom to entirely design, produce and assemble some of the finest timepieces in the world – following the vision of its founders Antoine Norbert de Patek (1839) and Adrien Philippe (1845).

To pay tribute to its 175th anniversary, Patek Philippe created a collection of limited-edition commemorative timepieces, and one of them stands out in particular. It is the most complicated and elaborate wristwatch of the eminent family-owned watchmaking company to date. It is called the Grandmaster Chime. The 18K rose gold case is massive (47.4mm across and 16.1mm thick,) and it is hand-engraved on nearly every surface. It is their first double-face wristwatch and it blends classic chiming complications like the grande and petite sonnerie with brand new ones like the date repeater, while also building in a state-of-the-art perpetual calendar.

The Patek Philippe Grand Master Chime ref. 5175R will be a limited edition of seven pieces, with one residing in the Patek Philippe museum in Geneva. The other six will be priced at 2.5 million Swiss Francs (approximately $2.6 million at time of publishing).

Enjoy the video below and you can also see more on their website.