Marcela Rosemberg

Marcela Rosemberg is inspired by the ocean and by her Jewish faith to make fused glass sculpture and functional objects. She fell in love with glass a long time ago, first blown glass and eventually the beauty of fusing and kiln forming glass. It became her source of energy and joy.

Finding glass as a medium of expression was truly a blessing for Marcela. She came to Canada from Buenos Aires, Argentina with her family 10 years ago. Arriving in Prince Edward Island, her colours and designs became heavily influenced by the natural beauty of the East coast. And even though she has recently relocated to Cobourg, Ontario her work still reflects the East coast waterscapes and her Jewish faith.

She strives for beauty, simplicity and elegance and in her designs, with close attention to the flow and behaviour as she works with the glass.

Glass fusing is the technique used to join glass pieces together by partly melting the glass at high temperature. Two or more pieces of glass are laid on top of or overlapped on each other and are fired in a kiln at temperatures ranging from 1100 to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit (750 to 850 degrees Celsius). It’s an ancient technique dating back to the Romans and Egyptians.


Marcela also offers workshops in her Cobourg studio where she will guide you through the design, cut and composition of a plate that will later be fired in a kiln specially designed for fused glass. The final piece can be picked up or shipped to wherever you are.

You can learn more about Marcela Rosemberg including her workshops, exhibits and awards, on her website.