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First NameLast NameCategoryProv
Eva Gallagher Ceramics ON
Bethany Garner Fibre ON
Jocelyn Gervais Metal QC
Karyn Gingras Fibre ON
Bonnie Glass Fibre ON
Andrew Goss Jewellery ON
Esther Gould Food ON
Andrea Graham Fibre ON
Carol Grant Ceramics ON
Dave Graore Wood Ontario
Sandra Greenwood Glass ON
Jenna Gregory Fine Art ON
Ligita Gulens Glass ON
Karen Gunna Leather & Fur ON
Stephen Haigh Wood ON
Colin Hamer Metal ON
Reed Hansuld Wood NY
Aiyana Harris Health ON
Barbara Heller Fine Art BC
Trish Hirschkorn Fibre NB
Debra Howard Fibre NS
Dwight Hubley Musical Instruments ON
Hugh Hunter Musical Instruments ON
Evelyn Hurford Wood ON
Gillian Hyde Fibre ON
Rhea Jacinto Jewellery ON
Marilie Jacob Jewellery Quebec
Dana Johnsen Leather & Fur BC
Joanne Jones Fibre ON
Linda Jules Fine Art BC