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Total Records Found: 220, showing 30 per page
First NameLast NameCategoryProv
Bruce Cochrane Ceramics ON
Celeste Colbourne Fibre NL
Celeste Coley Jewellery Quebec
Lewis Colli Fine Art Ontario
Meredith Combs Fibre ON
Chayle Cook Jewellery ON
Peter Coolican Wood ON
Paul Corfield Glass ON
dean couchie Jewellery ont.
Jasper Coulombe Jewellery ON
Lucille Crighton Fibre ON
Keri Currie Ceramics ON
Sarah De Gasperis Jewellery ON
Heidi den Hartog Fine Art ON
Harold Dickert Musical Instruments ON
Michael Doxey Ceramics ON
Brian Driver Wood ON
Lynn Dunn Ceramics ON
Wilfried Elzner Wood ON
Eiko Emori Glass ON
Evan Fair Wood BC
Angie Farquharson Wood BC
Caroline Floyd Fibre ON
Judy Foley Fibre ON
peter forbes Wood BC
Andrea Ford ON
Stephanie Fortin Fibre ON
Marie Fortin Jewellery Québec
Susan Fraser Fine Art ON
Katja Fritzsche Fine Art ON