Jennifer Wolfe

Jennifer Wolfe has always been fascinated by ancient cultures, artefacts and jewellery, especially that from the Byzantine era. This is reflected in her jewellery which incorporates ancient techniques such as granulation, chasing and repousse, lapidary and mokume gane. Many of her pieces incorporate the patterns and textures from the stone, alloy or metal granules that are added to each piece.


“I love the idea of layering several patterns and textures together to see the harmony they create. This sense of design combines contemporary with the best of ancient techniques delivering pieces that are commanding when viewed, dramatic when worn.”


One of the oldest jewellery design techniques dating back to 2500 BC. Granulation is the ancient technique of fusing small spheres of silver or gold onto a piece of jewellery to form a decorative element without the use of solder. It is an extremely time-consuming, labour intensive process.

Mokume Gane

Mokume gane is an ancient Japanese metalsmithing technique that creates beautifully patterned metal. The process involves layering different coloured metals, soldering them together while maintaining the original colours, then texturing or manipulating the metal in a way that reveals a bit from each of the layers, which in contemporary jewellery may number from about 12 to 25. Creating the patterned metal is an art in itself; it is another art to create beautiful pieces from this crafted metal.

You can see more or Jennifer Wolfe’s work on her website and at the following galleries and shops:

Metzger Studio – Barrie

DB Silversmith Designs – Port Perry

Online Facebook Store

One of a Kind Online Shop