Jack Dunbar

Jack Dunbar was born in Glasgow, Scotland on July 29, 1918 to very humble beginnings. The son of an engineer, Jack learned mechanical skills from an early age. Schooling in those days was not as important as securing a trade; something a young man could have with him for life.

In 1934, at the age of 16, Jack decided to take up the ancient craft of manufacturing the Great Highland Scottish Bagpipe. He began apprenticeship and eventually started a new bagpipe manufacturing company called Piob Mhor Highland Industries, with Thomas Liddell and John Maitland.

In 1951, looking for more opportunity to grow, Jack came to Canada and settled in St. Catharines Ontario. He began repairing bagpipes in his basement and by 1985, the hobby had turned into a full-time business and Dunbar Bagpipes was born. Over the last 18 years, Jack transferred his knowledge to his family and to the associates who work at Dunbar Bagpipes today.


The business has stayed in the family and now Jacks daughter, Jacquie and son-in-law Rick Pettigrew continue to run the business. Having worked for 70 years Jack was ready for a well deserved rest.

Dunbar Bagpipes recently decided to go with hand engraving on the metal and imitation ivory mounts. With the help of David Davidse of Truehand Engraving, they have come up with several distinct patterns to offer on their mounts.

You can see more of their work and learn more about how they make their instruments on their website.