Good Home Design – The 10 Principles

Good Home Design – The 10 Principles

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I recently began thinking about an extension to our 1928, “four square” style home. I don’t know if it will happen but I am enjoying the design process. At one time I was on the path to becoming an Architect myself so I am familiar with many of the first principles of good design. However it never hurts to “bone-up” a little so I have been reading and surfing for ideas and tips. I came across a book I would recommend to anyone considering the challenge of home renovation or new design. It’s called:

Patterns of Home: The Ten Essentials of Enduring Design

by Max Jacobson, Murray Silverstein and Barbara Winslow


Each of the authors is a talented architect in their own right. Together, they present ten basic patterns that guide the design of a beautiful home. Each “pattern” represents one important component of a pleasing space: light, the relationship between indoors and out, the flow through rooms, the transition between different spaces, the huge impact that roof design ultimately has over the design and more.

The book is worth buying for the pictures alone, much less all the information. Most architectural photography is ‘style” oriented – which is fine – but these images getting you thinking about how the building should be designed so that regardless of your personal style, it can be made beautiful.

Pattern of Home Patterns of a Home

So stayed tuned for more as my home renovation (or not?) continues.  If you are interested in good design you may like the post on 10 Principles of Good Design Dieter Rams.

Patterns of a Home Patterns of a Home