Enlightened Self-Interest

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Enlightened Self-Interest

If you act in the interests of others, or in the best interests of the group to which you belong, you will also serve your own self-interest. This really is true. Lets make it happen here.

If your customer also wants an item that you don’t make, refer them to the Artisan Canada Directory. By helping your customer find what they want, even if it’s not your product, you will be building your trusted relationship with them. And by helping a fellow artisan find a new customer you will encourage them to send one your way one day.

Another simple and effective thing you can do is add the Artisan Canada logo to your website.


The more often artisans help each other the more they will ultimately help themselves. The stronger the community becomes and the more likely customers will stay within the artisan community to meet their needs.


It really is a win;win

And consider making products used by other artisans because they might be your customers too. Build a loom for a weaver, forge a tool for a jeweller, the possibilities are endless. there are so many tools used by artisans, everything from cutting, shaping and measuring tools to wooden hat shapers.

It’s possible that a professional maker might register in the artisan directory and then forget about it. After all, we’re all busy. But remember the Directory the next time you have a customer that needs something you don’t make. They will appreciate it and so will fellow artisans. If you’re making a saddle for a rider, perhaps they also need custom made riding boots?

Think about it –  If the customers find what they need within the artisan community we all benefit.

Lets help each other succeed.