Eiko Emori Pate de Verre Glass


Eiko Emori started training in glassmaking in Japan, where pâte de verre glass is popular. Her background is graphic design. The Designer Glass Studio was established in 2007.

Pâte de verre is the original glass-making method. It dates back about four thousand years. I try to commune with those ancient craftsmen who toiled away at their craft, gathering sand and chemicals in the desert, sculpting vessels with wax, building plaster moulds, losing wax, charging glass powder, heating the charged moulds with wood fire, removing the plaster after they cool down and then grinding and polishing the resultant glass pieces. Even with the help of electricity, computerized thermostat and purchasing of glass powder, the process is still very time-consuming and cumbersome.


I employ the ancient method with some variation and add different glassmaking techniques, such as lampworking. I seek for subtle shifts and blend of colors. I would like the viewers to see the traces of glass colour movement and enjoy the results.

With fusing and slumping technique, I design vessels for the table, aiming to achieve the tradition and spirit of Japanese tableware – soft and warm expressions with hard and shiny material: glass. A major aspect of Japanese cooking is the presentation, where vessels play an important role.



This glass bowl is for the centre of the dining table with a candle, a tea light or an LED light placed inside. The pâte de verre technique produces translucent glass rather than transparent as in other methods of glass-making. 


A plate made with a large leaf to evoke the Canadian season.




Take a look at this interesting video of Eiko Emori talking about her work and Pate de verre.


Find out more about Ekio Emori on her website

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