Dan Taylor Artisan Jeweller

Dan Taylor is an artisan jeweller based in the Niagara region of Ontario. His work is entirely hand fabricated. He works in precious metals: Argentium Sterling Silver, pure silver and 18 to 24K Gold. Dan prefers traditional methods of jewellery making that are time and labour intensive; “slow jewellery”. Starting the fabrication process with precious metal grains, which are smelted and made into sheet and wire ingots. The metal is then forged, rolled or drawn down to various sizes of plate or wire as a base to fabricate a given piece, using traditional bench techniques, then brought to a highly reflective, low/non tarnishing finish.

Dan’s aesthetic runs toward Scandinavian Modern and Ancient Irish. He creates large, bold, pieces like this solid sterling silver bracelets he calls the “Triumph” bracelet. Each of the three bars is smelted and then hand-hammered to produce an almost ancient look.

Needless to say he has a strong following among the fashion-forward and understands what will catch the eye. 

Dan’s work is solid metal, he does not use the casting method whereby a piece is carved in wax, a mould is made and then any number of pieces are cast from the mould. Each piece of Dan’s jewellery is hand fabricated from raw material, soldered, and beautifully finished. He has developed a reputation for making very high quality, handmade chain necklaces and bracelets, in addition to his other work.

Inspired by the art of primitive cultures, Dan creates his forms not only for the sake of beauty; but carefully considers both the form and function of each piece of jewellery he designs.  What might otherwise be considered a practical detail such as the fastening is not concealed but on the contrary becomes an integral component of the piece. He subscribes to the notion that what is functional is also an opportunity to add beauty to the piece. Hence, his robust and very lovely, handmade toggle closures.

Dan Taylor’s commitment is to function; the way he works with the materials is restrained and well thought-out, ensuring that his jewellery is a pleasure to wear for generations. Dan’s designs are simple and clearly constructed, often with links connecting gracefully with each other so that the complete piece comes together into a beautiful whole. Every single detail of his jewellery is worked out in advance. There are no false notes. He does not take short-cuts on anything.



“My designs are wearable and emphasize properties of the materials. I make jewellery as a way to add enduring beauty to the world.”

To see more of Dan’s jewellery and find out where to buy his pieces visit his website at DanTaylor.com

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