The Hart Silversmiths: A Living Tradition

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Many artisans choose to live outside of the city, finding the picturesque countryside more conducive to their craft and lifestyle. This tradition goes back generations to the Arts and Crafts Movement (1880 – 1910), inspired by the writing of the … Read More

Twenty Years Of Farm Toys

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It all started with a Matchbox Lipton Tea Panel Truck given to John Buikema by his wife 35 years ago. Fast-forward to 2014 and that toy truck remains in Buikema’s possession. It takes up a small piece of shelf space … Read More

Carved In Stone

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Carved in stone: How restoration of the West Block is helping revive an ancient trade in Canada Written by ELIZABETH PAYNE, OTTAWA CITIZEN June 17, 2014 Canada was not yet a country when, in 1860, stone carvers, stone masons, carpenters and … Read More

Susan Rankin

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Through the past 25 years as a glass artist Susan Rankin has explored the idea of garden in her work. As an avid gardener she has a passionate interest in flowers. In the summer she will spend each morning wandering … Read More

Stephen Haigh

  Stephen Haigh has pushed the boundaries of the ancient art form of Marquetry, complimenting it with his own contemporary flare. Stephen studied painting at the Ontario College of Art. A love of wood inspired his artistic growth in the … Read More

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