Provincial Craft Councils Unmasked

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Do Provincial Crafts Councils Work? Are government funded craft councils failing their membership and Canadians? Every so often I like to review the purpose and focus of our website. Over the past few months I stepped away from creating regular … Read More

Twenty Years Of Farm Toys

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It all started with a Matchbox Lipton Tea Panel Truck given to John Buikema by his wife 35 years ago. Fast-forward to 2014 and that toy truck remains in Buikema’s possession. It takes up a small piece of shelf space … Read More

Carved In Stone

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Carved in stone: How restoration of the West Block is helping revive an ancient trade in Canada Written by ELIZABETH PAYNE, OTTAWA CITIZEN June 17, 2014 Canada was not yet a country when, in 1860, stone carvers, stone masons, carpenters and … Read More

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