Bill Reddick Porcelain

Bill Reddick was a production potter for almost 20 years, “throwing” 12,000 pounds of clay a year.  He established his studio as a ceramic artist and potter in Prince Edward County, in 1982, and over time he became increasingly focused on the possibilities of working with porcelain. He makes vases, wall plates, bowls, teaware, and dinnerware.

He was drawn to Asian design and on a visit to China he was particularly affected by Song Dynasty (960-1160 AD) Porcelain. He also travelled to Korea as a participating artist in the Cheongju World Craft Biennale. Informed by both these classical Asian traditions, his work demonstrates a fluency of form, and technique, while expressing contemporary design.  His work is so impressive that he was  invited to lecture at the “The First International Ceramic Art Conference in Xixing China.

Bill created a porcelain dinner service for the Canadian Embassy in Japan and later, in 2005, he created and delivered Canada’s Official State Dinnerware to Rideau Hall. The “Maple Leaf Service” was enjoyed by President Barack Obama on his first international State Visit in February of 2009.

That fall, the Emperor and Empress of Japan also enjoyed Bill’s porcelain when the Canadian ambassador entertained them in Tokyo prior to their State visit to Canada.

Bill also designed dinnerware for 24 Sussex Drive at the request of the Chairman of the Canadiana Fund. Although the project was suspended, The “Plate with National Imagery” took Bill to Korea in 2009.

All of his pieces are individually handmade by the artist in his studio in Peterborough, Ontario where he now lives.

Learn more about Bill Reddick and find out where you can purchase his work from his website


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