Artisan Ontario Services

Looking for an artisan for your next project, special gift or award, but don’t have the time to search them out yourself? Let us help.


More Than 180 Artisans

Artisan Canada can help you find the artisan with the right specialties for your project. We have more than 150 skilled artisans in our directory and a rich library of images that make the ideal starting point. Artisan Canada presents the best of Canadian artisanry and design. From master makers to emerging talent, we can help put you in touch with local artisans for corporate gifts, commissioned work, custom design and unique gifts; the possibilities are endless.


Corporate and Staff Gifts

Make your corporate gifts and staff events stand out by virtue of their quality, uniqueness and their demonstration of your support for local skills and businesses. Giving your staff or clients an insight into the world of an artisan is a valuable and intelligent gesture that demonstrates your forward-looking attitude. Artisan Canada can help connect you with a variety of artisans for your next staff or client engagement. We do this through customized services such as:


  • Corporate gifting – we work with corporate clients to collaborate on original gift or presentation solutions.
  • Commissions that are tailored to your specific needs and can include branding to align with your corporate identity. We can also organise delivery anywhere in the world.


Diverse Skills And Products

Our artisans work in a diverse range of fields including:

  • Book Arts
  • Ceramics
  • Clocks
  • Fibre/Textiles
  • Fine Art
  • Culinary
  • Glass
  • Musical Instruments
  • Jewellery
  • Leather & Fur
  • Metal
  • Wood



Commissioned pieces can be designed to your specifications for anything from outdoor/indoor architectural work and restorations, to custom designed awards in porcelain, glass, silver or gold, to tailored clothing, handmade briefcases, canoes, paddles or handcrafted moccasins. Too many choices? Let us help you narrow it down and develop the right criteria to meet your needs precisely.


Quality Always Works

When you buy handmade you are helping to ensure that traditional arts and crafts skills continue to be passed down through generations.  You are helping young and old alike develop productive, viable, local businesses, and not only the individual artisan but all the businesses that they do business with. If you are a corporation or individual who believes in supporting your community, culture and economy than buying from local artists is a great way to demonstrate this.

We all know that products made with good materials, beautiful design and expert skills will be always cherished and last a lifetime.


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