Artisan Canada!

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We now include artisans from everywhere in Canada!

Artisan “Ontario” just left out too many talented makers so we have re-branded to become Artisan Canada.   There are many talented makers in Canada and it’s very exciting being able to invite them to join us.

As you know, the more skilled artisans we have in the Artisan Directory, the more likely we are to be found when people use search engines like Google or Yahoo. And the more people who find us – the higher up our site will move in the search results ranking – the more visits we will get – and so on. Obviously, the more visitors we get, the more people will find your artisan profile and from there, visit your site and ultimately purchase your products!

So come on – invite other artisans to join – visit the site yourself from time-to-time and promote Artisan Canada to promote yourself and others. This is very much a team effort!