Artisan Canada is about helping artisans. Artisan Canada is a place for the public to connect with Canada’s artisans and for artisans to connect with each other. We advocate for artisanry and the art of “slow making”, and believe in the value of things made with good tools in skilled hands, using quality materials, and with thoughtful consideration of it’s use by the client.

By creating the Artisan Directory and building a community of interest we can accomplish more than any one, individual can. Together we can grow a strong and diverse artisanal economy in Canada.

I enjoy building the website and providing a place for artisans to post information and images of their work, for free, but to make it a success I need your participation. So sign-up to the Artisan Directory, follow on Twitter and visit the website once a week so we can stay in touch and share ideas.


Artisan Canada | Mission and Vision

Artisan Canada’s mission is to assist and support artisans, and grow the artisanal sector of the Canadian economy.

Artisan Canada envisions a Canada with a global reputation for having a high quality of life based in part, on a highly skilled and productive artisanal sector and family-run industries, where skilled craftsmanship, and a culture of artisan skills development and training are seen as key investments: an engine for personal, community, and economic growth.

Artisan Canada focuses on three main areas:

  • Education, resources and a community of support for local artisan entrepreneurs to develop the skills they need to be  successful small business owners, and
  • Helping Canadian artisans develop and maintain a global reputation for quality and professionalism through their online presence, business practices and workmanship,
  • Providing an Artisan Directory that enables the public to connect directly with artisans and artisans to connect with each other.

We believe that artisanry inspires individuals and strengthens communities, and most importantly that traditional artisanal skills, heritage, and culture are economic engines that build sustainable and vibrant places to live, work, and play.

Guiding Principles

 The Handmade Object And The Artisan Who Creates It

Made-by-hand is an integral part of economic activity – it always has been – and in this time of the mass produced – is even more appreciated. The creation and appreciation of the handmade object is transformative to individuals and communities. Made-by-hand is not mass-produced. It has been known for a long time that local economies do not benefit in the long-term from big-box retail alone – communities need the small maker of custom items. Artisan Canada supports the small production of high-quality products that underpin sustainable, productive and fulfilling careers.

 Cultural Heritage

Honoring artisans and cultural traditions preserves and enriches community life.

 Sustainable Development

The artisan tradition of life-long learning, training and passing skills along to the following generations is self-sustaining. Artisanry is eminently adaptable and flexible, and has long been at the very foundation of successful local economies that support and encourage healthy communities and a rich culture that is our heritage.


Inclusion in the directory is vital to the success of artisanry in Canada and all artisans and craft professionals are welcome to participate. There are thousands of artisans and craft professionals across Canada. Together, we can form a strong voice that can have political weight. All levels of government and community organizations should be called upon to support our ever growing sector of the provincial economy. Artisan Canada will help ensure their voice is heard, their community is supported and our needs are addressed.


People, communities and regions are best served by individuals and organizations working cooperatively. Lets reach out to form the relationships that benefit all.


Creativity is essential in finding and implementing workable solutions.

Strategic Plan

We’re new and our strategic plan is ambitious – but achievable. Although it will certainly evolve with time, the strategic plan for Artisan Canada is as follows:

Artisan Canada serves artisans and to do so it will:

  • Provide information and resources needed by all artisans such as
    • business plan development
    • information and guidance on pricing strategies, branding, marketing,
    • suppliers of tools, materials and other resources
    • tips and advice on how to save money and reduce overhead costs
  • Provide tools and sales support such as
    • help artisans develop a web-presence and learn how to benefit from social media
    • facilitate online sales opportunities for artisans and perhaps an Artisan Canada online store
  • Maintain the high level of quality that defines artisanry in Canada by
    • building global awareness and marketing strategies for Canadian artisans
    • helping to develop a culture of professionalism in artisanry
  • Build the artisan community by
    • providing a forum for sharing information, ideas, opportunities and opinions
    • organizing events
    • assisting and supporting artisans to participate in events
    • assisting and supporting artisans to increase their sales and net revenue
    • promoting and advertising on behalf of artisans in Canada.
  • Lobby government and communities on behalf of artisans in Canada to
    • provide information about grants, funding and co-operative opportunities for artisans
    • give voice to the artisan community about the support they need from their governments